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Julian Damy

Brooklyn, New York

Mexico-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer

Mexico-born, Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer

I was born, grew up, and got married in Mexico City. I studied graphic design at a local university there and started working professionally soon after I finished. My first job, oddly enough, was as a piano player in a bar (until the owner threatened to paint the piano pink), then as a packaging designer (boring and too comercial for my taste). Shortly after that I worked as a book illustrator for a Madrid-based publishing house (which made me realize how much I really enjoy illustrating), and in early 2000 I worked as a web designer in the dotcom early days, which many years later led me to my current job as the creative director for an app development firm in Brooklyn.

I call Mexico my birth-place, but home is where you choose to live, and for us that place is New York City. My wife and I moved here in 2000 and immediately knew we were here to stay. Seventeen years, four apartments, and two wonderful kids later, and we still love this city with it's fantastic and unique pedestrian life, its chaotic energy and it's almost quaint town feel (ok, I'm exaggerating, but compared with Mexico City's 22 plus million people and choking traffic, NYC does have a certain relaxed vibe!).

During the last few years I've worked on several personal illustration projects. In 2014 I launched "Magnus the Dog", a children's illustrated app about a dog who gets hit by lightning and becomes magnetized; last year I launched "Game of Mirrors", a website with a series of illustrations based on the poetry of Chinese poet Xu Kuan; and a few months ago I started AlphaPod, a collection of 26 colorful animal and letter illustrations, hand-drawn and digitally colored, all part of an upcoming app that will teach the little ones about their ABCs and, hopefully, entertain the not so little.